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The Riverway Meats & Eats was established in 2017 to serve the local community and we’re very passionate about what we do.

With over 85 years collective experience in the industry and 4 industry awards, we pride ourselves on supplying only the highest-grade Australian meats.

We alway carry a large range of premium and speciality meats for Low’n Slow BBQ, Smoking and Competition BBQ. Everything from Black Onyx Tomahawks, Jack Creek Wagyu, Black Opal Brisket, Borrowdale Free Range Pork and everything in between.

Come and check out the wall of flavour at Riverway Meats, the largest selection of Rubs & Sauces in North Queensland that includes the latest Carnivore Candystore range.

We have a huge range of BBQ Rubs, Competition team rubs, Salts, Sauces, Cures and BBQ flavour for all types of BBQ, smoking, cooking and styles. Now also includes the latest Carnivore Candystore Rubs and Sauces perfect for your next BBQ.

Riverway Meats is Townsville’s Premier BBQ styled Butcher Shop with a huge range of bbq accessories and fuels to suit every cooking style. Everything from Charcoal, Smokers Pellets Wood Chunks, Wireless Thermometers and loads of BBQ accessories for you next BBQ.

We have you covered, so you can make those memories with family & friends. 

Meat the Team


Head Carnivore

Opened the doors in 2017

Fave Cut – Rump Cap

Monke Magic

BBQ Wizard

Serving you since 2020

Fave Cut – Brisket


The Dancing Butcher

Serving you since 2017

Fave Cut – Black Onyx Tomahawk


Head Butcher

Serving you since 2018

Fave Cut – Boutique Petite Tender