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All so easy Beef Ribs

Beef ribs.. Everybody loves them 🐄😁

Here’s a bit of a how to cook them on a smoker.

  1. First, trim ribs of any hard decal fat on top of rib then turn over and remove membrane with a butter knife and paper towel, easy to remove, lift membrane with knife and remove by gripping with paper towel.
  2. Next get your smoker to a temp of 250f/120c.
  3. Apply rub on ribs and place in the smoker.
  4. When the internal of your ribs reaches 165f/75c its time to wrap, or boat ribs (boating is having protein in a tray with liquid uncovered.) this method allows your bark to stay hard while protein absorbs liquid keeping moisture in meat) But if you decided to wrap your ribs in foil and a little hot beefstock for a bit of moisture than wrap tight and cook till and internal of 205f /96c or until meat probes soft,
  5. Use a toothpick and probe meat, if little resistance when probing in multiple spots ribs are done, if hard to push probe meat cook a little longer until soft.
  6. When ribs are done, open foil let a little residual steam out few minutes to stop the cooking process, wrap back up place in an esky (which will hold the heat) or place towel around wrapped ribs and rest for at least an hour and serve.

If you decide to boat your ribs find tight fitting tray and add 1 cup hot beefstock to bottom of tray.

When I use the boating method I spritz my ribs every 45 Min until they are ready.

Spritzing is spraying protein with a liquid whether it’s apple cider vinegar, stock, beer or even water to give a little moisture to the bark, but not too much.