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Beef Ribs are a great allrounder to use on the BBQ, they are full of flavour and also pretty forgiving with cooking times and temp. Try some today.

What you need:

2kg beef ribs
⅓ cup Sweet Smokey
Q Sauce
50gr butter

How to make it:

Cover beef ribs in your fav rub, we have used Carnivore Candystore Sweet Smokey. Make sure that all sides are rubbed and evenly covered.

Place in a glass tray, cover and allow to sit in the fridge for minimum 2 hours (I leave mine overnight) this allows the meat and fat to absorb the dry rub flavours.

Heat oven or BBQ to 160℃. This is a low and slow cooking method which allows the meat to cook slowly to make a tender fall off the bone finish.

Cook in the BBQ or oven  for 4 hours, after 4 hours wrap in paper with some butter and  place back on the BBQ for 2 hours till the meat is coming away from the bone.

To finish, unwrap ribs and brush ribs with bbq sauce. Place back in oven or BBQ for 20 – 30 mins or until a nice glaze forms.

Eat and enjoy with a great BBQ sauce, or just as they are.