Beef Ribs

Oct 29, 2022Recipe, Monke Magic

Beef Ribs

In my opinion one of the easier cuts to cook as little is needed to make them perfect. 

Here’s an easy go to method. 

Let’s cook this!


  • Beef Ribs
  • Favourite beef rub
  • Apple Cider Vinegar or water (spritz)
  • Pink Butchers Paper


  1. First trim of excess fat and blue skin from the ribs
  2. Apply your favourite beef rub 
  3. Smoker temp is 120c 
  4. Smoke until internal of 75c 
  5. At this point you could wrap with pink butchers paper
  6. With a spritz bottle, filled with either water or apple cider vinegar spritz the ribs intermittently every 30 minutes until beef ribs reach an internal of 96c (check for softness of beef ribs) 
  7. If ribs are soft rest for 30 minutes than serve.