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Brahman Hump Lasagne

Hey everyone so this is a mid week quick meal, with bbq leftovers.

But here is how to cook the Brahman hump for this meal.
You can make your own cheese sauce and pasta sauce  for the lasagne but this is for a quick bbq leftover meal for the fam.
Brahman hump.
Smoker /oven /bbq temp is 120c
With the protein I used Carnivore Candystore Spg and Butchers axe Big Bark as the rubs.
Smoke till an internal temp of 75c, then place in a tray with a jar of a good quality pasta sauce and wrap tray and continue to cook until an internal temp of 98c or until probe soft.
Rest meat for at least an hour then pull meat through the sauce in tray.
When slightly cool, build your lasagne. In a tray layer the meat, lasagne sheet, cheese sauce, lasagne sheet and continue that repetition, then on top layer (this is what I like) place cauliflower florets on top, the cover with cheese sauce
Then cook at 180c until lasagne sheets are cooked through and cheese sauce is browned.
Serve with a nice fresh garden salad and enjoy 🥗😊