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How to make Pulled Pork

Hey everyone, here is a way to cook that pork collarbutt to create that delicious pulled pork. Let’s go 😁

  1. First apply a little American mustard as a binder for your rub. We have used Carnivore Candystore The Bad Apple for this Pulled Pork.
  2. Heat the smoker to 120.
  3. When pork reaches an internal of 75c place pork in a deep tray with a cup of apple juice, few knobs of butter and a good drizzle of local honey over the pork, then wrap tray up and place back in the smoker.
  4. When pork reaches an internal of 96c, probe for softness of pork,.
  5. When there is little resistance with your skewer, pork is done,. Let a little steam out of tray, then wrap tray back up and rest for an hour.
  6. When rest complete, shred pork through the juices in tray and serve 😁