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Pork Belly Burnt Ends

These are the ultimate BBQ Meat Candy treat that will have everyone smiling from ear to ear.

This recipe was with a 2.5kg pork belly rind off.

  1. First apply your favourite rub using American mustard as binder, I have used Carnivore Candystore Sweet Smokey.
  2. Have you smoker, bbq or oven set at 121c/250f and cook to an internal temp of 79c/175f then remove pork belly from smoker and cut into cubes of  your desired size.
  3. Place pork belly cubes in a tray with 1 cup apple juice, 3 knobs of butter and a drizzle of good local honey then wrap tray up and place back in your smoker/oven/bbq and keep cooking for a further 2 hours or until your pork belly cubes are soft and delicious!
  4. When pork belly is soft, remove tray and drain off pan juices.
  5. Mix 3 tbs of the pan juices with your favourite bbq sauce (1cup, warm)
    and add all over your pork belly in tray,
  6. Place back in cooker for further 15_30 minutes depending on how caramelised you like them,
Then serve up your delicious pork belly burnt ends and watch the smiles – delicious