Pulled Pork

Oct 30, 2022Recipe, Monke Magic

Pulled Pork

Here’s an easy go to, to make delicious pulled pork. 

Let’s cook this!


  • ½ cup apple juice 

  • ½ cup hot chicken stock 

  • 2 tbs of good local honey

  • 1 tbs of butter


  1. Apply your favourite pork rub to either your collarbutt or Boston butt.
  2. Smoker temp 120c
  3. Smoke until an internal of 75c
  4. Then place in a tray with ½ cup apple juice, ½ cup hot chicken stock, 2 tbs of good local honey, 1 tbs of butter.
  5. Wrap tray and cook all the way to 96c and check for probe tenderness.
  6. Rest pork still wrapped in tray for an hour
  7. Then pull(shred) pork through pan juices.